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Brookfield is an organization that assists military families with many aspects of their move. There are many professionals who are registered with Brookfield. If military employee hires one of these professionals for their move, depending on the agreement the professional has with Brookfield, their services will be paid for either partially or in full by Brookfield.

If you are a military employee, an RCMP member or a Government of Canada employee, you can start the registration process at Brookfield here.

This list is not a complete list of Brookfield Registered Professionals but rather, a list of people whom we trust and recommend

Real Estate

We (David and Marie) are registered Brookfield real estate sales representatives. You can contact us here.


Home Inspectors

Rod Clark - Righthouse Inspections
(613) 293-1845

Ed Stroz - Stroz Inspections

Miles Underwood - Sightline Home Inspections
(613) 720-2313


Louise Leblanc of Leblanc Nichols
300 Terry Fox North Kanata
(613) 271-6262

Tom Windle of Windle Law
249 McLeod St. Ottawa
(613) 231-2734

Marion Jackson of Stittsville Lawyers
1450 Stittsville Main St.
(613) 831-5585


Moe Rayyes
(613) 878-1975


Gord Scharf - Green Valley Environmental - Manotick


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