Guide to Ottawa - Train Information

Ottawa Train Information

Ottawa currently has some light rail and plans to expand. At this point, the majority of public transport is offered via busses.

Bus information for Ottawa

Light Rail Lines

Light rail in Ottawa is provided by OC Transpo and eventually will run on two different routes:

  1. The Trillium Line - Runs from Bayview Station to Greenboro Station, stopping also at Carelton University:

    Ottawa Light Rail Trillium Line

  2. The Confederation Line - This line is still under construction and should be active by 2018. So far, construction is on time and within budget1. It will connect Tunney's Pasture Station to Blair Rd near highway 174. Part of it will run underneath the business district at Queen Street. This image below is not an exact depiction of where the train will run, but it gives you a sense of roughly where it will be:

    Ottawa Light Rail Confederation Line

At the time of writing this article, however, the only option for light rail in Ottawa is the Trillium line. While many people are hoping for an East-West line that would extend as far west as Kanata, there are no immediate plans to build this. There have been some rumblings of eventually extending the line west past Tunney's pasture to as far as Bayshore station.

Fare Information

How much does the O-Train cost? Should you buy a regular pass? If you're looking for information, we've got you covered.

The adult fair for a ride on the O-Train is $2.84 for a regular route or $4.28 for an express route. You can get a day pass for $8.30 or a monthly pass for $103.25. If you took 40 trips a month, the monthly pass would end up costing you $2.58 per ride.

Riders with a Presto card have slightly reduced fares.

Visit the OC Transpo website for complete and up to date information on fare prices.


1. Ottawa light rail first phase on time, on budget, mayor says - CBC News - Jan 13, 2016


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