Guide to Ottawa - Utilities

Utility Providers in Ottawa

New to Ottawa and trying to get Utilities Connected? We've compiled a list of utility providers for you.


Depending on which part of the the city you move to, your electricity will be delivered to you by either Hydro One or Hydro Ottawa. Most rural areas are supplied by Hydro One. However, some parts of the city including Cumberland, Osgoode, Rideau-Goulbourne and much of the west end are still covered under Hydro One1.

Hydro One

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Outage information - This is a great interactive map which often tells you why the power is out and when it is expected to return.

Hydro Ottawa

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Outage information - A good interactive outage map.


Natural Gas in Ottawa is provided by Enbridge. There are also alternative energy providers (see list below) that are an option.

Enbridge Gas

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Alternative Energy Providers

There are also some alternative electricity providers. The Ontario Energy Board has a full list of providers. Many of these will provide electricity under a fixed rate. This can sometimes save you money. However, be careful as some of these plans will lock you into rates that could possibly cost you money in the long term2.

Water and Sewer

The City of Ottawa will send water and sewer bills every two months. They are based on meter readings but sometimes you might receive a bill based on an estimation. Water prices are expected to increase in 20173.

City of Ottawa Information page for Water and Sewer
Call 3-1-1, 613-580-2400, or 1-866-261-9799

Phone and Internet

Most of Ottawa uses either Bell or Rogers for phone and internet services. You'll find that some parts of the city are not covered by either Rogers or Bell. For example, we live just West of Ottawa near Carp and we are unable to get Rogers Internet here.

Bell Phone and Internet

Rogers Home and Internet

There are alternative companies as well that offer these services. including TekSavvy, Storm, Primus and Distributel. There has been a lot of discussion online on which service is the best. Here are some interesting reddit posts from customers describing what they liked and didn't like about these companies:

Who is the best Internet provider in Ottawa?

Best Internet in Ottawa in 2016

Rogers Fibe vs. Bell Fibe Internet

Bell or Rogers Fibre Internet

Anyone have Rogers Ignite 250mbps Internet in Ottawa?


1.Deal to move 45000 Hydro One Customers to Ottawa Still Ongoing - Ottawa Citizen, November 26, 2015.

2.Natural Gas Contracts Won't Save Money - The Star. January 16, 2015.

3.City to Change Water, Sewer Billing - Ottawa Sun. November 27, 2015


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