Carlingwood, Glabar Park, McKellar Park Ottawa

Carlingwood, Glabar Park, McKellar Park Ottawa

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Carlingwood-Glabar Park-McKellar Park is a small community in Ottawa's west side nestled between Richmond Road, Carling Avenue, Churchill Avenue, and Woodroffe Avenue. The community is almost entirely English speaking but there is a small population that speaks French or another non-official language. The Glabar Park area of the community was first built between the 1940's and 1960's and was mainly single family homes. In 1985 townhouses were added to the community and recently some of the single family homes have been demolished along Carling Avenue and replaced with low rise apartment buildings.

Housing Statistics

Oldest house: Built in 1890.
Average house age: Most houses were built between 1940 and 1970.
Detached homes: 88% of homes are detached. 12% are semi-detached and row houses.
House prices - detached homes*: Recent sales vary from $300,000 to $1,400,000 with 23% under $400,000 and 47% under $500,000.
House prices - semi-detached homes and row houses*: Recent sales vary from $265,000 to $740,000 with 14% under $300,000 and 46% under $400,000.

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Recreational Opportunities

There are many opportunities for the residents of the Carlingwood-Glabar Park-McKellar Park to relax and enjoy recreational activities. There are baseball diamonds, basketball courts, tennis courts, outdoor rinks, and sports fields for the sports loving residents. For the younger residents there are outdoor wading pools, play structures, and a sledding hill. Kingsmere Park, Glabar Park and the Lorry Greenberg Park are the three parks in the community. Kingsmere Park is the largest park and has a large outdoor wading pool in the summer and a large hockey and skating rink in the summer. There are six restaurants and four bars in the community for family dinners or date nights. The community is also home to the Carlingwood Shopping Centre which has many clothing, technology, and food stores.

What we love about this area:

  • There are many different churches in the community from all different expressions of religion.
  • There are three outdoor wading pools which is one of the highest numbers in the city.
  • The community is bordered by Highway 417 which makes it an excellent community for residents who travel and commute often.

Schools in Carlingwood-Glabar Park-McKellar Park:

Churches in Carlingwood-Glabar Park-McKellar Park:

Where is Carlingwood-Glabar Park-McKellar Park?

Carlingwood-Glabar Park-McKellar Park is in Ottawa West.

Here is a more detailed map of the area:  
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