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Pinecrest Shopping Centre is part of Ottawa West and stretches all the way from Baseline Road to the Ottawa River. The area was developed between the 1950's and 1960's on Fox Farm and Arkell Farm. The land was first divided into large lots and then as the years went on the lots were divided into smaller lots. During the 1970's large apartment buildings were built in the community. The residents of the community are from low to mid income level households. Over seventy-five percent of the community is English speaking with the rest speaking French or another non-official language.

Housing Statistics

Oldest house: Built in 1890.
Average house age: Most houses were built between 1950 and 1970.
Detached homes: 85% of homes are detached. 15% are semi-detached and row houses.
House prices - detached homes*: Recent sales vary from $300,000 to $470,000 with 89% under $400,000.
House prices - semi-detached homes and row houses*: Recent sales vary from $275,000 to $325,000.

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Recreational Opportunities

Pinecrest Shopping Centre has many opportunities for its residents to be active and have some fun. There are baseball diamonds, basketball courts, outdoor rinks, sports fields, and tennis courts for both recreational and competitive play. There are outdoor wading pools, splash pads, play structures, and a sledding hill available for all ages to enjoy. The community is very fortunate to have a community garden available for its residents to grow their own food. Pinecrest Shopping Centre also has many community events including a community yard sale, two different community picnics, a doggie mixer, and a summer social. Finally, the community is home to the largest Ikea in Canada.

Future Developments

The Lincoln Fields portions of the community is excited to be receiving a new splash pad for Kilreen Park in 2015.

What we love about Pinecrest:

  • The community is very fortunate to have a community garden for residents to enjoy and grow their own food.
  • The community has many recreational facilities and social events for residents to enjoy

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Where is Pinecrest Shopping Centre?

Pinecrest Shopping Centre is in Ottawa West. Ottawa-West
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