Colonel By and Old Ottawa South

Colonel By and Old Ottawa South, Ottawa

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Old Ottawa South is one of the oldest neighbourhoods in Ottawa. The first settlers arrived to the area in 1814. Lewis Williams, one of the most famous settlers of the area, bought approximately 111 acres of land that is now Old Ottawa South. However, when the Rideau Canal was built in 1820 it greatly changed the way the community looked. Old Ottawa South is bounded by the Rideau Canal, the Rideau River, Bronson Avenue, and Main Street. Its very defined borders makes it about the size of a small town and creates a small town feel. The community's residents are friendly, mainly English speaking and will not hesitate to chat to neighbours on the street or walk to the store or school. Many of the homes are well preserved and have been awarded heritage status. Old Ottawa South is very close to downtown but still enjoys the benefits of living in a small, close-knit community.

Housing Statistics for this area

Oldest house: Built in 1811.
Average house age: Most houses were built between 1900 and 1960. Since 2000 there have been about 150 new homes built.
Detached homes: 71% of homes are detached. 29% are row and semi-detached homes.
House prices - detached homes*: Recent sales vary from $400,000 to $1,400,000 with 14% under $500,000.
House prices - semi-detached homes and row houses*: Recent sales vary from $370,000 to $1,300,000 with 56% under $500,000.

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Recreational Opportunities

There are many highly anticipated festivals and events held every year in Old Ottawa South: Porch Sale, Fall Fest, Cardboard Challenge, Shop Your Local Talent Christmas Sale, Breakfast with Santa, White Christmas at the Mayfair, November Theme Party (Bond, Mad Men, Night Circus to name a few), the new annual May Party ( 80's Night and Grad You Never Had) , Windsor Park Art Show are all events run by the OSCA Special Events Committee. Other events that are not run by the OSCA include Brewer Park Farmer's Market opening, Pansy St Party, Brighton Beach Clam Bake, Hopewell Book Sale, Hopewell Bike Sale, Belmont Street Hockey Tournament and Hike for the Hospice. These events promote community connectedness, meeting new people, meeting new people, and starting new traditions. Along with the many events happening in the community there are many recreational facilities available for residents to enjoy. There is a community garden for residents with a green thumb. Baseball diamonds, basketball courts, outdoor wading pools, sports fields, tennis courts, outdoor rinks, play structures, a community centre, and a splash pads are all available to have a good time. Finally, there are seven restaurants and eight bars in the community for the food lovers.

Future Developments

There are many plans for how the OSCA would like to improve Old Ottawa South. A very successful survey has just been completed in the community and has revealed some areas where traffic and pedestrian safety can be improved and how to implement those changes. The Community Association is also working to expand the list of events for future years. Better communication between the city and the community on programming for the community centre is also on the list of the improvements that are coming in the future.

What the Residents of Old Ottawa South are Saying

When we asked the Community Association what they would say to someone who was moving into the neighbourhood they simply answered with the following: have made a very good choice.

What we love about this area.

  • The community is close to downtown but still maintains its small town feel.
  • There are many events held annually and there is always something happening in the community.

Schools in Old Ottawa South

Churches in Old Ottawa South

Where is Old Ottawa South? Old Ottawa South is in Ottawa Central. Ottawa Central
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